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The Beloved Experience: Art Exhibit

The Beloved Experience: Art Exhibit was a small/medium-scale exhibit showcasing commissioned art that centered the stories, solutions and creativity of those who are directly impacted. Selected artists will highlight the 4 main themes of the Beloved Gun Violence Awareness Campaign outlined below: 

2022 - 82_Final Exhibit Poster-V2.jpg
  1. The Problem: Scale and impact of the epidemic of gun violence 

  2. The History: Identify and bring awareness to the Systemic Issues & Historical Reference Points that created the conditions for “survival mode” and increased community violence 

  3. The Solutions: Framing gun Violence as a public health issue and elevating the Prescription that is Community Brilliance, Care & Innovation

  4. The Beloved Community: Radical Dream/ Vision for the Beloved Community that is free of systemic racism and gun violence  

The final exhibit consisted of: 20-25 commissioned “ready to hang” pieces i.e. painting, collage, photography. 


Beloved Exhibit Resource Center:

In addition to the Art Exhibit, Beloved hosted resources via Beloved Bus to provide a resource center and programming site for information sharing/lecture etc. related to addressing gun violence at the community level.

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