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Sorority of Sorrow:

We Got Us Moms is Creating Space for Moms Whose Children Were Killed by #GunViolence

By: Omari Salisbury | Converge Media | @Omarisal

Donnitta Sinclair started We Got Us Moms to create a space for mothers whose children were killed by what she calls The Disease of Gun Violence after her own son, Lorenzo Anderson Jr. was murdered in June of 2020 and she found no real place for culturally relevant support to help deal with the trauma that she and her family were navigating. The group was able to meet for the first time ever in person (COVID restrictions made everything virtual) on Saturday, March 26th 2022 and although the circumstances that brought all the moms and families together are tragic, the uplift and healing in the space was powerful. - You can contact Donnita via email at -

Photos: Frederick | @Artby_Frederick

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